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Here is where you can experience that everybody is the winner. Share our courses with your network and let them receive a 10% off and have a chance to access the world of financial freedom. So they can win. You will earn 20% commission for introducing each member to the Financial Freedom online course and sharing the movement of Abundance. You are the winner. We will win since we will have more sales and grow towards our vision.

Share the Financial Freedom course and Get Rewarded Financially. Lets share it all!

We believe that to share wealth is creating wealth. We believe abundance is infinite. We truly believe that our program 100% can shift people’s lives. It might be small shifts, however it creates significant changes and shifts in individuals life and changes the global perspective Towards a more peaceful and abundant world.. If you do too, you might want to consider signing up to our affiliate program to earn commission for sharing Financial Freedom program  with your network.

It’s a Win/Win/Win

We get more sign-ups via your actively and genuinely sharing our work with the world
The world gets more financially free and abundant, with more authentic and lovely people.

Your network receives a 10% discount on every purchase.
They can join the affiliate program if they love the program.

You earn 20% sales reward on every Financial Freedom Course sign-up you bring along.

We get more sign-ups via your actively and genuinely sharing our courses with the world
The world gets more financially free and abundant, with more authentic people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You sign up to our Ambassador program via our website (no external affiliate portals involved).
  2. Once you sign up you will receive a custom share link to spread the word to your network.
  3. Our built-in software then tracks that link to identify anyone who signs up to the Financial Freedom program through it, and then assigns that sign-up to you.
  4. You will receive monthly pay-outs based on the sign-ups you’ve sent our way.
  5. That’s it. Easy!

Your affiliate link will be immediately available on your ambassador dashboard.
From there you can copy it and start sharing it with the world.

We do not provide you with the full names of your referrals or their email addresses, due to privacy regulations.

There is no limit. They can always follow your link and do the purchase.

Certainly, changing your Ambassador PayPal email is straightforward:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section within your Ambassador dashboard.
  2. Choose Account Details.
  3. Find the Affiliate PayPal Email segment.
  4. Input your updated PayPal email.
  5. Save your changes with a click.

No, tax forms for your affiliate payouts are not provided by us. As we utilize PayPal for payout processing, any inquiries related to tax forms should be directed to PayPal.

Regrettably, we can solely facilitate payouts through PayPal due to the specific features of our integrated affiliate software. Therefore, having a PayPal account is a prerequisite for accessing the Ambassador Program.

All Ambassador payouts are processed through PayPal, typically around the 25th day of each month. There’s a 30-day withholding period for all Ambassador payouts. Therefore, if your referral joins during this month, you can anticipate receiving your commission in the month after next, precisely on the 25th of that subsequent month.

Probably not. However, it has the potential to provide a satisfying semi-passive income stream on the side.

Moreover, with as few as 5 referrals using your shared link, you can offset the entire cost of your own Financial Freedom purchase. Since you’ll likely want your close ones to embark on this journey toward financial freedom alongside you, why not invite them to sign up through your shared link.

Our refund policy consists of two components:

  • Within 14 days of purchase, if an individual initiates the course but finds the content or overall experience unsatisfactory, they can contact us for a full refund.
  • Beyond the initial 14-day period, if they have actively engaged with the course content, explored the material, and participated in the community, yet still feel unsatisfied with the transformative impact on their life, we gladly offer a 100% refund upon request

In terms of how these scenarios impact your referral commission:

  • In the first case (within 14 days), if a referral cancels, you will not receive an affiliate commission.
  • However, in the second case (beyond 14 days), if a referral actively engages but eventually chooses to cancel and receive a refund, your affiliate commission will still be honored.

This approach safeguards against potential misuse of the affiliate program, while ensuring that our Ambassadors receive the appropriate rewards for recommending Financial Freedom to their connections.

No, we do not issue receipts or invoices for affiliate payouts. Depending on your PayPal account settings, you might receive emails or notifications indicating the receipt of payments from us.

For more questions send us an email on

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