Integrating Masculine/Feminine in Sexual Practice – UTRECHT

Thursday 13 April –

This workshop will take you on a flow between two forces. There is often duality in our body, emotions and sexuality. Sometimes we feel more receptive and sometimes we feel more in our action mode. Do you have the acute perception when you feel the desire to serve you partner(s) or desire to be served by your partner(s)?

In this workshop we will dive deep into integration of masculine and feminine. We will discover and discuss their qualities and how those qualities are useful in our relationships. We will work with archetypes and embodying them through somatic exercises. We will play with polarities and feel into the power of each archetype. And perhaps we can find a sweet spot that all parts of you feel welcome and have space to be expressed.

To join this workshop we recommend to have a basic knowledge of tantra, meditation and framework of consent, and to have some experience in authentic relating and connective communication methodologies.

Questions that you may be asking yourself in your process on the path of embodiment may include:

How can I be more masculine in my relationship, business or with my friends?
What are the qualities of masculine embodied?
How can I be more feminine and in the flow of things?
What are the qualities of feminine embodied?
What is that mean to activate feminine qualities in me?
What does that mean to be a spiritual person?
I have lost touch with the earth and my body, I feel transcendent. How can I be more grounded?
What does that mean to be a materialist person?
Do I loose connection with my spiritual part of me in materialism?
Why we are attracted to people who does not have the same values as I have?


Do you desire to grow your understanding of your sexuality and how to develop and progress in your intimate and sensual connections to others? This mini-series have been especially designed for people wishing to get closer to their own intimate emotions, desires and sensual experiences and how these personal qualities relate to others through tantra and spiritual practice. The workshops are held by Kamran Novin and Nicole Caodie, both facilitators and practitioners of sexuality and sovereignty work. In order to attend the third part of the series, Rites of Spring Ceremony, you will need to have attended at least one of the first two editions.

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