Self Pleasure Ritual (3/3) – UTRECHT

Thursday 10 August –

Do you desire to grow your understanding of your sexuality and how to develop and progress in your intimate and sensual connections to others? This mini-series have been especially designed for people wishing to get closer to their own intimate emotions, desires and sensual experiences and how these personal qualities relate to others through tantra and spiritual practice. In order to attend the third part of the series, you will need to have attended at least one of the first two editions. You can find the tickets via our website with the password.

Self Pleasure Ritual

In this ritual we practice something together that we might be ashamed of. In some cultures there might be loads of guilt and judgements about sexuality, especially self pleasure. We will dive deep together in our erotic innocence and explore the body touches that we might not have explored before.

Masturbation is often goal-focused (a quick release through orgasm) and centered around genital touch only. In this ritual we invite you to dive deep into your pleasure and to luxuriate in the delights of your body. Supported by breath, sound, movement and mindful touch you will get the opportunity to connect to your erotic energy with your whole being. To play your body like the precious instrument it is – and find new songs beyond “the same old ” of your usual masturbation habits – to expand your pleasure capacity and orgasmic potential. In this ritual there is no goal – you are invited to feel, play, enjoy and celebrate your body and your sex. Sharing this practice in community is a beautiful opportunity to share erotic energy and connect deeply with yourself and others.

We will practice different touches , gazes and sensations. We will learn how to connect sensually with our eros and therefore with the potential that we might not have met yet! We invite you to join us if you are curious about self love, and the potential that lies beyond mainstream eroticism. We invite you to join us if you want to get connected with yourself deeper and therefore better lover with your partner/s.

Personal story of our facilitator Kamran Novin.
First time I joined this ritual I felt held, recognized, and loved by a tribe & family that were just like me. I felt orgasmic & humble at the same time. There was nobody that I wanted to prove myself to. There were another twenty of me living the same life, eros and magic. I asked myself why we don’t we do this every week? I was in a room full of naked people and yet at home. I decided to create this space and let others experience this sacred space. I believe there are people who are wanting to access these spaces and not necessarily through a spiritual framework. I will do my best to create a safe-r space to accommodate and empower people to gently move towards the remembrance of their body’s wisdom, sexual power & joy.

3/3: Self Pleasure Ritual
2/3 Integrating Masculine/Feminine in Sexual Practice
1/3: Emotional Release

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