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Essential knowledge for every human being to truly access their prosperity.
To find their purpose to live for & find their authentic way of living.


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The course

This course has been designed over years of practicing with individuals from experience. It is step by step guidance to multidimensional prosperity and its energetic field. I believe that paradigm shift is a slow cooking process. These practices are designed to support you whether you want to work through them quickly or slowly.

There are potent homeworks that will help you break outlived patterns and wire you to vibrate on the frequency of abundance. Financial freedom is for everybody. It requires willingness to change and shift where you are.

If your income is so little, that is something you can change. If you were born in a wealthy family and inherited unwanted wealth, this course can support you to create a healthy relationship with money and the energy that it brings. If you don’t know what is happening with all the money that you earn, this course is for you. Furthermore you will be supported to find an authentic expression and a way of life that you have always desired. At the end of this course, you will have embodied prosperity and you will have overcome many stories and difficulties that you have been living with for a long time.

A 21 day program that supports you to become an energetic match with the life that you ever desired, regardless of where you are at right now


What you get:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our payment plans. There is also no rush for you to join. However if you have low income and difficulties please get in touch since we offer one person low income a discount on the program per month.

There is a reason that we are connected, and that you have got to this part of the website. However, being ready is something only you can decide for yourself, and it’s important to feel ready before you start.

This course is recorded. There are a lot of somatic experiences and meditations during the recordings to ground you into your present moment.


You receive lifetime access to the recordings.

What you do with the course material is up to you! I recommend finishing the course to get the full benefit as every module is an important piece of the puzzle. There will be Q & A calls twice a year on zoom included with the course, but beyond this, there is no accountability to follow up how you are applying the material. However, if you decide to have a mentor, you can get in touch here to find out my availability to work with you as a private mentor.

For more questions send us an email on

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This is an opportunity to heal your relationship with money and create habits to live happily ever after.

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